Smart School

What do parents need?

  • Parents need to know what lesson has been taught and what works do their child would need to do on a daily basis.
  • Parents would like to know the marks scored and performance of their child whether it is improving or not based on previous examination results.
  • Parents would like to know their child’s subject wise performance.
  • Parents would like to know their attendance status on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Parents would like to know the location of the bus their child is travelling.
  • Parents would like to know about all kind of activities that take place in the school that can benefit their child.
  • Parents want to inform all the study activities of their child to their tutors in a very understandable manner.


  • Smart Dairy
    • Teachers can send every day information about what lesson they have taught and what is the work that they have given to the student. The parent will receive that information instantly and can use it to see that their child learns those lessons much more efficiently. The parent can also add their tutors and send the entire study activity of the student to their tutor.
  • Smart Attendance
    • If the student is absent then notification will be sent and the parent shall send the reason of why the student is absent.
  • Student Performance Analyzer
    • AI system would be used to analyze student performance based on previous results, attendance and other factors.
  • Messaging/Notifications
    • All different kinds of instant Notifications would be sent to parents.
  • Student Transport Tracking System
    • Parent can track the bus location.
  • Branding
    • School will be provided with their own Android and iOS apps in Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Publish Exam Results
    • Teachers can directly publish marks of students which will reach the parents instantly with ranking and comparative analysis with other students.
  • School Calendar
    • Parents can tick mark important Events such as examination dates, competition dates etc. The Calendar will remind them about their Events.

Sendsafe/Majic Mail


Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges in the world now a days, and add Email to it, then it becomes much more complex, as it is associated with Private Data too. Many Users think that having security of data within their own systems would be good enough, but what they don’t think of is about the data that they have already sent to others They run the risk of their data that they have sent might be distributed or stolen without their knowledge from others System. What the Users don’t think of is once they have send the data they lose complete control of that data and there is nothing they can do about it.

Bsecure Solution

Sendsafe™/Majic Mail is an innovative Email Client Interface that uses sophisticated technology to provide the Users control of the data even when they have sent the data to others. The User will never lose control of their data and will always have access to it. For example if the User wants to just make all the mails that have been already sent disappear, then our cutting edge technology will let them do so by just a click of a button. Sendsafe™/Majic Mail enables organizations to safeguard their data from employees as well as it provides its Users with user-friendly interface, number of other secure features and easy accessibility through mobile devices.



Dairy Farm Industry is very huge when you consider they are 1000’s of Milk producers producing 1000’s liters of milk in a day. The challenge comes when all the data needs to be maintained and prepared for Accounting. Currently hundreds of man hours are being spent to maintain these with Millions of rupees spent every year. Also being error prone is one such factor as Manual work is immense in Managing all the data.

Bsecure Solution

DIMS is an Accounting Management System that has been designed especially for Dairy Industry that has many features which completely automates the process of data management. DIMS provides a number of features that include preparing Daily Session Abstracts, Bi-monthly Abstracts, Internal Audit Reports and Annual Audit Reports. DIMS enables organizations to provide their employees an automated system that with user-friendly interface, easy navigation through their data and an instant Reporting System that can generate various reports.



Hotels Administrators mostly juggle a variety of tasks, from marketing the business and encouraging more bookings to balancing revenue and expenses which is very tedious.

Bsecure Solution

A hotel software designed to satisfy all the needs of demanding environment of the hospitality business. With a complete user-friendly interface it allows users to carry out daily operations such as real-time availability of rooms, rates etc... Hotel management system offers affordable features to every kind of accommodation provider from boutique hotels, hostels to hotel chains etc... Bookings to Inventory, Financials and reporting management this hotel software can accomplish everything in seconds.



When a patient requires blood, Hospital’s ask the patients to go to the nearby Blood Banks and get the required Blood Units from them. The Challenge that is faced by the patients as well as the Hospital staff is, they don’t know whether the required Blood Units are available in that particular Blood Bank. So the Hospital has to guess and send the patient to Blood Banks, the patients have to go from one Blood Bank to another to get the required Blood Units. This is time consuming and very difficult in case of emergencies and can be life threatening.

Bsecure Solution

BEAMS is an Information System that provides the hospitals with information regarding Blood Units in all the Blood Banks. The Hospital has to put in their requirement, the rest is done by BEAMS which gets all blood units information from various blood banks. BEAMS also updates the blood units on a regular basis so that accurate and updated information is sent to the hospitals.

Quick Delivery

Customer Problems

Gas Not Getting Delivered

A big common problem for customers is, when they book a gas on a particular date, Gas is not delivered to them for many days. One reason is that some Delivery Boys, deliver gas to a customer who pays some extra amount rather than to the customer who has booked. This causes delays. When asked to the Delivery boy the reason of not delivering, his simple answers would be that the customer wasn’t there when he went to deliver, he has misplaced the cash memo that was given to him or he has lost it.

Bsecure Solution

Quick Delivery app provides a very simple solution.

The Delivery boy in the morning when he goes to deliver gas, will get a list of Deliveries he has to make. He will exactly know to which consumers he has to deliver, he will not need a hard copy Cash Memo to deliver Gas. If he finds a customer not there, he would have to reject the delivery . Once the delivery is rejected, then an SMS will be sent to the customer citing that the Delivery has been rejected by the Delivery boy. The customer can immediately contact the Delivery boy if they are nearby or atleast the customer will be informed that the Delivery boy was there at their residence. There is no chance for the Delivery Boys to give any kind of excuse of not delivering the Gas.

Customer Complaints

Customers who don’t get the delivery, are very frustrated and keep calling the Agency and give complaints. This is a regular feature that happens on a daily basis.

Bsecure Solution

With Quick Delivery app, there is no way a customer will have to call the Agency, as he will be very well informed via SMS about the Delivery details, and they can directly contact the Delivery Boy.

Delivery Boys Problems

Wastage Of Time

New bookings can occur at any time within a day. When a delivery boy reaches the agency, he is allocated a set of bookings which he has to deliver. Once he has delivered, then he has to again come back to the agency to find out the other new bookings that he has to deliver. This happens at least 3 to 4 times in a day. Due to this the Delivery boy has to visit the agency at regular intervals to find out the information regarding the bookings. This wastes lots of time and also fuel, as he has to come back and forth.

Bsecure Solution

Quick Delivery app provides an automated process, thereby whenever the Agency Admin updates new bookings , then they are automatically allocated to the Delivery Boy who can view them in his app and then just deliver. This avoids him to come back to the agency all the time. It provides a quick and easy way to delivery gas with very little fuss.

Missing Booking Slips

The Hard copies given to Delivery Boys can be misplaced by them. The problem is the Delivery boy might not know that he has misplaced them, so the customer is not going to get the delivery. Here the agency also cannot track it, as it depends on the delivery boy.

Bsecure Solution

Quick Delivery app since it is automated, removes the Hard copy and thereby avoids this kind of problems completely.

Submit Delivery Details

Every evening Delivery Boys come to agency and have to submit each and every delivery details. The entire process is manual, and the Agency Admin has to take down each delivery details manually, which is very time consuming and problematic. And since manual approach is involved, it increases the chances of human error a lot.

Bsecure Solution

Since the entire process is automated, there by the Agency Admin will have complete information . All the delivery boys have to do is to submit the money and go away. This will completely eradicate mistakes and make the entire process quick and simple.

Agencies Problems

Allocation Of Bookings

Every morning the Agency Admin has to take print outs of each and every delivery and hand it to the Delivery boys. The Agency Admin has to do this tedious job, which consumes lots of time. This needs to be done not once but at least 3 or 4 times a day.

Bsecure Solution

By using Quick Delivery Admin, the Agency Admin, doesn’t have to do much, just with a single click on button , he can just allocate all the Bookings to all the delivery boys. This just helps the Agency Admin to have control over each and every booking, and it saves him lots of time and hassles.

New Bookings

If a new booking occurs, then the Admin Agency has to wait for the Delivery Boy to reach to the Agency and collect the Booking slip, and then only they can deliver gas. This causes unnecessary delays in the Booking Delivery.

Bsecure Solution

Quick Delivery App solves this problem very easily, as the Agency Admin can simply upload the bookings in the Admin, and the bookings will be shown in the App of the Delivery boy.

Booking Updates

Even more difficult process, is the collection of bookings in the evening. All Delivery Boys come to the Agency. One by one they have to collect the bookings slips and make entries and then take payment. This is time consuming and error prone.

Bsecure Solution

The Agency Admin can simply use the Quick Delivery Admin, and just collect the amount from the delivery boys and their job is done.

Customer Complaints

Agency Admin’s have to receive a lot of phone calls from customers and have to listen to many angry customers day in and day out.Then they have to contact the Delivery Boy to find out what happened about the booking and why it has not been delivered. Then again they have to call the customer and explain them the problem.

Bsecure Solution

Quick Delivery first of all reduces 90% of customer calls. If any call comes, even then the Agency Admin will have complete information about the delivery and he can explain to the customer exactly why it hasn’t been delivered and even tell the customer to check their sms why the delivery was not made.



Many organizations promote their videos, but they don’t want their videos to be downloaded by their Users or distribute their videos to others. This presents a major challenge and many organizations businesses fail due to this as they can’t protect their Videos. Also distribution of videos to the rightful owners also is a big challenge for them.

Bsecure Solution

VPS is an Video Privacy System that provides an interface to the organizations through which they can add any number of videos and distribute to them in a private channel where only the rightful owners can view them. Also the videos will be watermarked so that copyrights cannot be violated by their users. The Videos can be viewed directly in web and no particular software is required. Also any kind hacks by using download software cannot be used to download the videos as they are completely secured by VPS.

Association Management System


Associations are using social media platforms for communicating and facing a lot of problems.

Bsecure Solution

Association management systems (AMSs) provide membership associations the functionality to interact and oversee members of the organization. The capabilities of an AMS include storing member information in a database, collecting and managing members’ financial dues, organizing association events, and a platform for communicating with members. Association management systems provide a self-service portal for new members to sign up and access information. AMSs can be utilized by organizations such as a rotary club, parent teacher organization, or non-profit, among many others.

An AMS may integrate with other types of software to perform specific tasks at a higher level. These integrations may include content management systems to provide members with urgent or informational content, CRM platforms to store member information, or accounting products to maintain record of financial dues. Others may be tailored to non-profit organizations or fundraising platforms.

  • Store membership data for an organization
  • Provide a platform to interact and communicate with members regarding events and announcements
  • Collect and record payment dues from association members